About The Page

So the title and tagline of my blog might be a little confusing to most of you. What is a life leveled up and what does it possibly have to do with the number 57? When I think of 57 the first thing that comes to my mind is Ketchup, and when I think of leveling up the first thing I think of is Mario World. Let me assure you that this blog will have nothing to do with Ketchup and will most likely have nothing to do with Mario. While I like both of those things, they just aren’t the point.

“A 57 Life – Learning to Live a Life Leveled Up” is referencing living a life based on The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. I will confess I stole the idea from my church Traders Point Christian Church. The sermon series was about “uncovering some ways to level up when it comes to our relationships, our joy, our contentment, our character, and most importantly, our relationship and connection with God”.

At first glance the Sermon on the Mount to me just looks like a bunch of rules that I could never follow. Never get angry or curse someone because it is the same thing as murder. Never look at someone who is really attractive because it is the same thing as committing adultery. Don’t spend your money on new iPhones and Kate Spade purses because you should only be worried about the eternal. Trying to follow these challenging rules might actually drive my perfectionist self-crazy. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus is encouraging us to grow not giving us a to do list.

This blog is a way to document the cultivation of the type of character that can be humble when things are great and unwavering when things fall apart. It will probably include a lot of different parts of my journey; from discipline in the way I eat to learning what it really means to be a servant to learning about generosity. I want to Level Up my character not so I can earn my salvation, but so I can love God and love people in a whole new way.