About the Author


I always struggle with these introduction pages. How do you introduce yourself without conversation? But I also know the importance of them, for those of you who don’t know me,  you probably at least want a picture of the person who is writing all these blogs. Well here goes nothing…

I am 33 and single. I have a lab/hound named Bailey. I love Jesus, people, and adventure. I try to live my life so that somehow everything I do is representing at least one of those loves. I have been to 27 countries, 17 of them do do some sort of mission work/humanitarian aid. My favorite color is green and I love hiking.

I believe in following Jesus even when it isn’t easy. I believe that almost every time we act outside of God’s word it is because of fear, and I am trying to live in less fear. I believe that everyone needs Jesus, counseling, and to experience the world outside of themselves.

I am passionate about the rights of anyone who is being harmed, taken advantage of, or bullied. I am passionate about people knowing where their worth and identity comes from. I am passionate about other peoples stories. I am passionate about grace and love and forgiveness.

I am not perfect. I change my mind often when I learn new information that proves me wrong. I am sometimes over excited and under prepared.

I want to learn and grow.

I’d love to hear from you and about your lives and your stories! Please send me a message!